Our Philosophy

We believe that everyone has a right to have their own voice heard. We believe that anyone who wants to work should have an opportunity for employment in an occupation that is meaningful to them. We believe that with the right supports, most barriers to employment can be overcome. We believe that individuals have a right to choose the circumstances of their employment. We believe that individuals have a right to be evaluated on their strengths, and career goals developed using person-centered planning. We believe that individuals that may not be successful in competitive employment may still be very successful in self-employment.

Our Story

Every business has a story, and Truuli Group is no exception. As a case manager working with consumers of Home and Community Based Waiver (HCBW) Services I was growing weary of hearing my clients tell me they had been deemed "unemployable" when I asked about their interest in pursuing a work goal. I was frustrated by the impact that unfortunate choice of words had on my clients' self-esteem. The truth is not that they were unemployable, but rather that the resources they had accessed were unable to meet their employment needs. Here are individuals who want to work, not because they have to, but because they want to, and yet they are unable to find even the most basic entry-level position because they don't easily fit into a standard pre-defined job. As an avid and insatiable entrepreneur I knew that I could offer a different approach and set out to build a business based on the simple premise that employment, whether for ourselves or for others, is not just a means to pay our bills, but an integral part of who we are as humans.

Our mission at Truuli Group is to take the concepts of workforce development and integrated employment a step further by reframing how orgnizations view their workforce needs. When organizations pre-define workforce roles it places limits on the pool of candidates available to fill the position. When organizations define work to be done as discrete tasks that can be arranged and re-arranged as needed, it significantly deepens the pool of candidates. By framing work in this way it allows employees to work to their strengths while increasing employee retention, job satisfaction and performance. Using this framework also opens the door of employment for individuals with special skillsets and diverse needs.

As you look through our website you will notice that much of the imagery are aerial photographs I have taken while flying over the Alaskan landscape. The purpose is not to showcase my photography, but to illustrate what we can do for both individuals and organizations. In fact, our name serves the same purpose - Truuli Peak is the highest point on the Kenai Peninsula and was often used as a point of reference for early travelers. Sometimes the best way to gain perspective is to get above the situation, as it is then that alternative pathways can be identified. Additionally, some of my images are reflective, which illustrates another method we use to identify alternative paths. Through intentional reflective conversation we are able to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, whether personal or organizational. These are the elements that make up our "landscape" and can be used to help forge a new path.

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Andrea DesJardins Andraschko

Founder & CEO

Meet the Founder

My name is Andrea DesJardins Andraschko and I am the founder and principal consultant of the Truuli Group. I was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug at the age of 14 when I started a custom sewing and outdoor gear repair business, which I ran for 6 years. After graduating from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1987 with a degree in Chemistry, I pursued both traditional employment and entrepreneurial ventures, finally obtaining my MBA in Management in 2015. I launched the Truuli Group in January 2018.

In addition to my business development, consulting and training experience, I have been involved in disability services since 2003, and have taught as an adjunct instructor in the MBA program at Alaska Pacific University. I am an ACRE Certified Employment Specialist and a provisionally certified Community Partner Work Incentives Counselor, sanctioned by the Social Security Administration to promote employment and financial stability for disabled SSA recipients. My passion and raison d'ĂȘtre is to help people become the best they can be. It is my belief that everyone has their own definition of what it means to be successful, and if I can do something that helps them achieve their goals then my purpose is well served.